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About Mark Raisbeck

Mark’s son was diagnosed on the autistic spectrum at 30 months.  Five years later, after an intense program involving various therapies, schools, and dietary and biomedical interventions, he is a typically developing 7-year old boy with no traces of his former diagnosis.  He has a great sense of humor, is crazy about sports, and is enjoying 2nd grade in Madison public schools.

Mark left his job in finance to oversee his son’s “program” of recovery, and would like to share the knowledge he has gained to help others with children on the autistic spectrum.

Services Provided

Consultation, planning, funding and oversight of a “whole body” approach to the treatment of autistic spectrum disorders to provide a program that will provide profound improvement, and possibly even recovery, of a child diagnosed on the autistic spectrum.

Diet and nutrition – How and why special needs diets work, guided grocery store tours, food selection and preparation, home cooking classes, dealing with picky eaters.

Therapy – Explanation of various schools of therapy, oversight of therapy program, advice and assistance in the selection of methodology and therapists.

Biomedical Intervention – What it is, how it works, how to start.  Help in finding and selecting a developmental pediatrician to augment or replace current doctor.


Parent – Father of a child diagnosed on the Autistic Spectrum at 2 years, now fully recovered.  Oversaw recovery program including therapies, schools, dietary and biomedical intervention.

Diet and Nutrition – Graduated first in class from French Culinary Institute, NYC.  Worked professionally in restaurants and catering companies.  Experienced cook for gluten and dairy free household.  Knowledge of special needs diets (gluten free, casein free, special carb, Feingold, low oxalate, etc.)

Special Needs Expertise – Former board member of National Autism Association, New York Metro chapter.  Responsible for recruitment of monthly presenters for various areas of special needs.  Board member and finance committee member the IDEAL School, an integrated special needs school in NYC.

Financial Advisory – Successfully negotiated numerous IEP meetings with CPSE and CPE.  Received over 20 hours of therapy and over 90% reimbursement for private schooling for three consecutive years.  Negotiated  reimbursement for numerous insurance claims initially denied for autism-related medical services.  Former Wall Street professional.

Mark Raisbeck 

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